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How to transfer old emails from PLESK to cPanel

By Ajay Verma - Wednesday, 8 June 2016 No Comments
hello readers, one friend asked How to transfer old emails from PLESK to cPanel, hence i am writing this page.
he has transferred the whole website from PLESK TO cPanel, hence he was asking the same.
Before the solution i wanna tell just for knowledge that email messages are stored on PLESK on this location:
# /var/qmail/
now you can use below steps "to transfer email email messages from PLESK to cPanel"
We can fetch email from PLESK server and have it imported into cPanel.
STEP 1: Simply login to your cPanel
STEP 2: Access your webmail and access Horde
Once logged in, on the left hand side, click OPTIONS then Mail
On the center of the screen under “Message Options” click “Fetch Mail”
STEP 3: Create a new account, enter your details from your email account located on your PLESK server (for the incoming/outgoing servers, use your PLESK server hostname)
Email will then begin to be downloaded into your cPanel inbox.
hope this article will help to solve this problem, if not please leave a comment :)

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