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Delete Restoration Data and Proceed to System Boot Menu

By Unknown - Saturday 12 July 2014 No Comments

hello friendsss... :)
one of my friend suffering from above problem and asked to me see this problem..
friends first of all i wanna explain you why this problem occurs in windows.
this error is a software problem not hardware and is caused by
"A resume from hibernation is interrupted or fails to complete a resume. When you restart, the Windows Resume Loader appears."

so you wanna ask me what is the solution of this problem..??
well you can follow below steps to overcome this erroe.
1. If you had any documents with unsaved changes you should try the "Continue with system resume" option. Use the arrow keys to highlight the option and press "Enter."
2. If it still fails to boot to Windows, turn the computer off and then on.
3. The Windows Resume Loader will come up again.
4. Make sure "Delete restoration data and proceed to system boot menu" is selected. If not, use the up and down arrows to highlight it and press "Enter."
5. Windows should start normally. Unfortunately, you may not be able to recover any unsaved changes to documents.

for any Cyber help you can comment below or write to me..
your friend   unknowndevice64

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