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How to configure Tally to use common shared data using Lan network

By Ajay Verma - Friday 13 November 2015 1 Comment
hello friends, yesterday one client asked me to Configure Tally to use common shared data using LAN network.
that was my first time when i deal with Account Software Tally for configuration.
scenario was simple, they asked me to setup different system having Tally to work on one common data file using LAN.
i solved this problem in this way:
1. i choose a system to save data file (c:\\tally9\data) and from Connection property Assign (As server) IP to
2. share tally folder from this (server) system.
3. Similarly assigned sequence IP to other system
4. copy and edit file from (c:\\tally9\) in each client system.
replace ;;Data=... by
shared path info of server like (\\unknowndevice64\tally9\date) it will look like
if you want to create shortcut on client system of tally.exe use above line in Start in field.
by using above method each entry from client system will update data file and will available for all user.
hope this article will help tally user's :)

1 comment to ''How to configure Tally to use common shared data using Lan network"

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