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[Solved] wamp or xampp server not working yellow icon

By Ajay Verma - Friday 13 November 2015 No Comments
yesterday i installed wamp server to execute some php codes, but suddenly i found that there was some problem, wamp server was not working having yellow icon.
after i installed xampp server without wasting my time, but i found same error again.
then i start searching problem and i found that, there was problem with port 80.
so i am here to explain this solution, for all the friends having the same problem.
First i wanna remind that all these server program's uses port 80 by default, so whenever port 80 is already in use you will find this problem.
How To Solve ?
well we can solve this in any of one from given below solution.
1. Terminate The Application Which is using Port 80
(in my case SKYPE was that app and i quite skype and problem solved)
2. Change Default Port 80 to 8080
3. Change Setting of Application for default Port
for live solution you can watch this video tutorial.

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