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Virus Writing-Basic Batch File Programming

By Ajay Verma - Monday 9 November 2015 No Comments
hello friends, today i am going to write about Windows Batch File Programming you can also called funny virus codes, you can crash windows with these codes.
Basic of Windows Batch With example in CMD (Command Prompt).
how to run cmd:-
Method 1:
-- Press Windows Key + R (for run command)
--and in run type cmd
Method 2: Go to Start Menu there type or search cmd.
Now lets start some basic exercise, with some basic commands.
1. echo off
--echo off is used to off the echo of your input command.
2. ping localhost (or website or ip)
-- used to test the connectivity of system to provided server.
we will use this as a sleep command and test our code.
3. goto
--goto is commonly used function for looping the code.
4. start
--used for start new command window.
please for better understanding i will suggest to try these command first.

We will make funny as well as critical code for system by combining these codes in single file, this combines codes are know as "Batch File" Programming.
Tutorial Start Here,
open text editor (notepad)
first we want to work silently so we have to write
Line 1: @echo off
to start loop label is required
Line 2: :unknowndevice64
write critical code here to execute in loop for test,
Line 3: ping localhost

and for crashing system we have to open several cmd, or we can also start several application like notepad, paint etc..
Line 3: start
Line 3: notepad
Line 3: calc
or we can also combine all above as
Line 3:
Now for looping we have to use goto
Line 4: goto :unknowndevice64

Now this is most important step how to save to make code working,
you have to save the code with any name like unknowndevice64 or virus or anything else WITH THE EXTENSION (.bat)
after saving this file becomes windows executable double click on test code to check.
and be carefull if you writes crashing code, because after running windows will open several windows of written codes. even you cannt shutdown the system.
whole codes will looks like :

[caption id="attachment_17" align="alignright" width="300"]Batch File Programming Batch File Programming[/caption]

For Test :
@echo off
goto unknowndevice64

For Crashing system:
@echo off
goto unknowndevice64

keep reading for more interesting articles and to learn hacking, Virus writing as well as cracking.
your friend,

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