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Starting Stage of Hacking : How to Hack Windows Xp Operating Syste

By Unknown - Thursday 13 February 2014 No Comments
Hello Friends..
unknowndevice64 here,
as this is my first post, so here i will start from basic.
i will share what i have done and how, so that you can learn step by step.
so i am going to tell how i cracked windows XP Admin login password,
to gain access to all user account.
to understand full working behind this just try to recall process of installing windows XP.
when you encounter this step.

Step 2 of 3: Installing Windows Xp

in this step you have to enter Computer name,
and a super admin (Administrator) Pasword.
by default this user account always in hidden form.

99% peoples As Well As System Admin,
and 100% in collage/ School left this password blank.

so our Hacking Start with this step.

to hack windows xp you know the super admin username: administrator  (default).
and password : (blank)
so we have only one problem left, where to enter these info for login...

this is secrete only system admin knows how to access login screen.
to access login screen just start system and
In the welcome screen press “Ctrl”, “Alt”, “Delete” altogether, twice.

and you will get this screen.
now login with,
User name : administrator
Password :

and you will successfully,
Loged In As Administrator
with all super administrator rights,

you can do whatever you want.

Thanks for reading step by step i will cover all minor to major topics of hacking.
good bye.
your friend.

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