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How To Hack : Why And How I Hacked A Job Portal Website FreshersWorld

By Unknown - Monday 5 May 2014 No Comments
Hello Friends, This is an Article From Unknowndevice64
Many of my friends asked me to publish this article about why and how i hacked, this website FreshersWorld.
Well friends remember one thing that nothing is 100% secure in the cyber world, as security exist only until a Zero Day not found in any application.
And the website like Above mentioned, have 0 security, in front of any Security Expert, And One thing I wanna Say for above website is , A n00b can hack whole website database as well as Server.
Now i am going to tell how and why i hack this website (I Have not done any Illegal Work).
Several times i receive their promotional emails, to pay and upgrade my account and you know what friend there is no link of unsubscribe..
Few day Before I was Little sad and waiting for an urgent mail, then i found one notification of mail i got happy, but soon i get angry when i found that mail was from freshersworld, I Logged Into My Lab (Dark Room).
And Within 15 Minute I found A small Vulnerability in website (Right Now I Cant Revel Because it will harmful for me), After that i used that vulnerability and Have Got Full Access On website (Like C99 Shell).
I was Angry but i hold my self and due to their hard work i Not Defaced Their website, Instead I Only Replaced a 404.php page From their Blog.
And i reported this to them, But As All Other Do They were not replied. i only receive a small unofficial reply on Facebook

thanx ajay for the info , we will look into this..

They Just Remove My Deface Page And i think they were enjoying that they are secured now..
I Don't know how they will Fix Their Vulnerability without knowing it, 
***i am security provider and pen tester, and this is not an illegal activity.

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